OxTS Expands RT2000 Range Of GPS Navigation Units

OxTS has brought out the RT2002 GPS-aided inertial navigation system. The RT2002 GPS-aided inertial navigation system measures high-precision position (2cm), velocity (0.1km/h), roll/pitch (0.05deg), heading (0.1deg), slip angle (0.2deg), acceleration and other parameters. All outputs are computed in real-time with a low latency.

By combining a six-axis inertial measurement system with GPS, accurate and continuous data can be collected even in areas where view of the sky is obstructed. The RT2002 will be invaluable for all vehicle dynamics tests and other testing applications on vehicle proving grounds.

It can also be used in combination with the in-vehicle robots from Anthony Best Dynamics for applications such as path-following or advanced autonomous testing manoeuvres. Far surpassing the accuracy, reliability and performance of traditional measurement sensors, the RT series of GPS-aided inertial navigation systems has become the standard for measuring all vehicle handling and performance characteristics.


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