Teseq Releases PMM 9010/30P EMI Receiver/Analyser

Teseq is offering a digital EMI receiver/analyser with optimum measurement parameters for EMC labs that do not require full CISPR compliance for radiated emissions measurements. The PMM 9010/30P features a frequency-measurement range of 10Hz up to 3GHz for labs with smaller test chambers, GTEM (gigahertz transverse electromagnetic) cells or doing on-site work, and is fully compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 in the 9kHz to 30MHz measurement range.

When paired with a PMM extension receiver module, the PMM 9010/30P becomes fully CISPR-compliant, measuring up to 6GHz. The flexible PMM 9010/30P provides more stable performance than analogue receivers. It uses powerful digital signal processing to eliminate aging of critical parts that could degrade measurement accuracy. The CISPR detectors and the IF and RBW filters are stable and feature lifetime, calibration-free operation. The PMM 9010 series receivers include the latest CISPR 16 detectors, including RMS-AVG, C-AVG and APD, as well as the traditional peak, quasi-peak and AVG detectors.

Internal pre-amplifier, peak limiter and attenuator systems are also included. For the CISPR 16 compliant ranges, an integrated tracking pre-selector is included. The new receiver is ideal for use in small labs and commercial test labs that have limited budgets but that need to perform fast, reliable and compliant measurements. Using the Click option, non-continuous operating household appliances such as mixers and hair dryers can be rapidly pre-tested for compliance to CISPR 14. Using the unique 'Smart Detector' function, the receiver provides fast scanning using only the peak detector.

As peaks that exceed the preset thresholds are found, they are immediately measured with the slower detectors before stepping to the next frequency, saving considerable time when compared with rescanning, especially for any EUT (equipment under test) only operated for short periods of time. The PMM 9010/30P EMI receiver comes equipped with the PMM PC Emission Suite software. This software offers full control of all auto and manual receiver functions, real-time display, editing of standard limits, creation of correction-factor tables and warning messages for incorrect settings.

In addition, the software includes one-click operation for selecting measuring mode: swept, spectrum analyser or tuned. All measurements taken by the receiver can be retrieved, saved, recalled and compared when using PMM's PC Emission Suite software. The built-in GTEM correlation program also makes comparing GTEM radiated emission tests to those performed in an OATS (open-air test site) fast, easy and precise. The PMM 9010/30P weighs only 9lbs, is portable and can be used in both stand-alone systems and integrated as part of larger systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic testing requirements.

The receiver/analyser is AC, DC or battery powered and includes an AC universal adapter/charger. Typical operation is eight hours conducted and three hours radiated when using the optional plug-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery. A fully compliant CISPR 14-1 click analyser option automatically evaluates the click rate N, applies the use of exceptions if applicable and provides click measurement using the upper-quartile method with a full report that includes all mandatory data. The PMM 9010/30P shows all click details and mandatory reporting parameters in real-time, with reports generated by the PC software application.

The PMM 9010/30P's 'Smart Measure' feature, developed exclusively by Narda, significantly speeds up the click test. The unit can be configured as a single- or four-channel click-analyser module. The RF front end is self-calibrated by a high-stability internal RF signal generator. Providing 60 to 90dBuV in 0.1dB steps, the signal generator can work in tracking mode up to a frequency of 30MHz, enabling the PMM 9010/30P to be used as a scalar network analyser for characterising components, antennas and filters. The PMM 9010/30P can also perform spectrum analyser functions with a high scan speed of less than 100ms for full-span 9kHz to 30MHz at an IF resolution of 300kHz. The PMM 9010/30P starts at USD24,100 (GBP16,200). Delivery is 12 to 16 weeks ARO.


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