Inertial Aerosystems Offers Tilt-Sensor Boards

Inertial Aerosystems has brought out a range of slim-line tilt-sensor boards, manufactured by US-based Applied Geomechanics. Designated the Tulip range, it consists of six models that are 4-20mA current-loop compatible with programmable controllers and similar factory-automation instrumentation. Tulip is current-loop powered and measurements can be made over long cable lengths using an economical two-wire pair.

These innovative products, weighing 15g, are designed to measure angular tilt where space and weight are at a premium. They can be mounted inside pressure housings, well-logging tools or on any machine or structure, and can be configured for vertical or horizontal mounting. Tulip comes in three angular ranges: a high-gain version of +/-10deg (20deg span) with a resolution of 0.005deg and 0.01deg repeatability; a standard version of +/-25deg (50deg span) with a resolution of 0.01deg and a 0.02deg repeatability; and a wide-angle version of +/-50deg (100deg span) with a resolution of 0.02deg and a less than 0.04deg repeatability.

The Tulip's electrolytic sensor has no moving parts, which means virtually no maintenance or calibration. The operating temperature range is -40C to +85C and the sensor has a built-in thermistor for temperature modelling. Each model comes with a calibration sheet showing variation with non linearity. Applications include well-logging tools, factory processing and control and structural monitoring.


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