L J Star Implements Gasket Materials From Garlock

L J Star, a manufacturer of process observation equipment, is implementing standard gasket materials from Garlock Sealing Technologies for all sight-glass and visual-flow indicator assemblies. The gasket materials - the Gylon 3504 and the hygienic-type Bio-Lok - allow for high-temperature capabilities, good performance in chemical environments, fast delivery times on sight-flow indicators and sight glasses and simple installation and gasket replacement.

The Gylon 3504 is a proprietary modified PTFE material that is said to be virtually impervious to the degradation caused by typical process chemicals. Gaskets made from this material eliminate the common need for retightening under working conditions. The Gylon 3504 material is capable of a temperature range of -450F to +500F, will not burn or support bacteria growth and is FDA compliant.

The Gylon Bio-Lok gasket, also made of a modified PTFE material, is designed for use in hygienic applications, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-processing. It can withstand the rigours of clean-in-place and sterilisation-in-place processes. With no intrusion into the process flow, FDA and USP Class VI compliance and chemical compatibility, the Bio-Lok gaskets are suitable for nearly all challenging bio-process environments.

They can withstand thermal cycling temperatures ranging from +41F (+5C) to +356F (+180C) without clamp retightening and pressures up to 800psig. The non-elastomeric sanitary gaskets conform to key FDA regulations for materials (21CFR177-1550, 21CFR170.30 and 21CFR175.300) and USP Class VI. In addition, they meet the specifications of DIN 32676, ISO 2852, BS 4825, ASME-BPE, ISO 1127 and SMS.


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