Indicator Provides Versatile Data Connectivity

Avery Weigh-Tronix's 1080 indicator range offers connectivity across several network technologies from a compact size of just 15.4 x 8.2 x 14.7cm. The panel-mounted indicator is a cost-effective data management and process-control solution for a range of weighing equipment. The 1080 offers versatile data connectivity and can share weight data and control commands both locally and worldwide. An Ethernet port provides an IP network, a USB device enables connectivity to a nearby PC and the RS 232/422/485 interface provides data transfers for legacy equipment.

The RS 422/485 also allows a long interface cable length for remote displays. When the application requires connection to a Fieldbus network, the 1080 can communicate from its standard Profibus or Ethernet 10/100 outputs to a PLC. It also supports ODVA protocols and can be fitted with an option to support analogue values. The bright LED display has 14mm digits and an array of status indicators, making it easy to see and allowing the 1080 to be used as a remote display. Configurable digital-vibration filtering provides stable readings even in tough environments.

The indicator has three inputs configurable for zero, print, start, stop, tare units and tare cancel. Additional features include data transmission to peripheral printers and computers and an accumulation function so that the total amount of weight in a given period can be measured. In addition to general weighing functions, the 1080 indicator has a suite of specialised applications. These include batching routines, counting routines, peak weighing, checkweighing and split-axle truck weighing.


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