Mono TR Muncher Finely Macerates Solids

CSG Lanstar has installed a high-performance TR Muncher from NOV Mono to improve process efficiency at its site in Manchester. To provide a solution, Mono supplied a CT201 solids grinder, the latest addition to the TR Muncher range. The CT201 Muncher has been installed upstream of the existing pump to finely macerate all solids within the flow, before the waste oil is transferred into the recovery system for cleaning.

Neil Richards, treatment and disposal director at CSG Lanstar, said: 'The Muncher from Mono easily grinds its way through the high particle size of the oil sludge we transfer, making it pumpable and significantly reducing downtime at the site. The TR Muncher model has been designed to meet on-site tanker-discharge requirements and sludge/fat processing, by protecting downstream equipment from blockages while allowing quick and easy inspection and maintenance.

The model provides customers with reduced power consumption, a smaller carbon footprint and decreased maintenance costs, while retaining the benefits of the TR Muncher trash trap, inclined cutter stack and pull-back design. Installation of the TR Muncher requires in-line flanges or tanker coupling connections. Quick-release inspection covers allow in-situ replacement of the cutters and these can be specified to 8.0, 5.5 or 3.0mm thickness to match the optimum particle size for specific process requirements.


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