Vacon SE2 Series Simple Drive For Harsh Environments

The Vacon SE2 Family of AC drives is small in size, big on performance and economical to operate providing a powerful solution for many industrial applications. They feature remote communications capability (using Modbus® protocol), a keypad for easy confi guration, and standard NEMA 12 / IP55 enclosures that eliminate the need for mounting in separate enclosures. The Vacon SE2 is suited for all types of applications including industrial conveyors, fans and pumps.

The Vacon SE2 range offers alternatives with or without an integrated main switch, providing solutions for a wide range of applications. Easy to install and set up with only a dozen basic parameters related to ramp times and motor data to adjust. The Modbus RTU is included as standard, making integration into fieldbus control systems easy. NEMA12/IP55 Drives meet UL and cUL, CE* standards. Benefit – Ensures compliance with global systems. Consult with Vacon, Inc. about compliance with European CE standards when using Vacon SE2 with integrated RFI filters that meet industrial standards needed.

Industry Sectors
• Food processing
• Bottling
• Pumping
• Chemical
• Waste Water


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