Receptacles And Headers Are Robust And Durable

Hirose Electric has launched the DF50 range of receptacles and headers, designed with space saving and durability in mind for applications requiring more strength. The double row, vertical housing and fine pitch of 1mm allow for maximum space saving on the board, which reduces the mounting area needed. The metal lock provides a consistent and positive tactile click, even with repetitive mating.

This ensures the connector is fully engaged, guaranteeing complete electrical and mechanical connection. The lock is centred on the housing to avoid uneven locking and cable entanglement, which is common with side locks. The housings have been designed with thicker and more robust walls to prevent cracking. A long insertion depth and blade contacts are utilised to prevent damage against any wrenching forces.

The receptacle features a robust and reliable lance structure which keeps the contacts securely in place, even when high forces are applied to the cable. Hirose Electric said high contact reliability is achieved with gold plating with a long effective mating length. The company said other benefits include surface mount contacts and a vacuum pick-up area on the housing. A nickel barrier is incorporated on the contact to avoid solder wicking.

DF50 is currently available with 40 contacts and other sizes are in development. AWG 28 cable size is applicable. Applications include LCD displays, digital television, wireless LAN, industrial controller units, office equipment, car navigation, car audio and amusement equipment.


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