Ewon Launches Talk2M Go Internet Platform

Ewon has launched Talk2M Go, the latest version of its internet remote-access and maintenance platform for machine builders and system integrators. Talk2M Go provides secure, on-demand access to remote PLCs, machines and devices. Combined with Ewon industrial routers, it facilitates integration with a variety of PLCs and automated devices.

Talk2M Go is hosted on a mission-critical internet provider and is covered by a service level agreement. The platform has a guaranteed bandwidth of 500kb/s, with 1Mb/s burstable, according to the company. It enables up to three users to access one or several machines at the same time, with fully detailed connection reports itemised by machine, available every month. With a pay-per-use pricing model, Talk2M Go minimises operating costs as well as initial investments.

It is also claimed to shorten the project go-live time and the time to market. A single-click upgrade to Talk2M Pro secures user investment and makes Talk2M Go a suitable entry-level platform.


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