RFID Solution Tracks Boilers A Vaillant Facility

Vaillant Group, a heating technology manufacturer, is using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology from CoreRFID to manage work in progress on the production lines of its Derbyshire plant. The system provides the real-time visibility of which boiler is at which stage of manufacture as it moves along the line. The solution, developed by Vaillant Group with RFID consultancy from CoreRFID, tracks each boiler so that all production steps are followed in the correct sequence and that tools and materials are available exactly as needed at each step.

Each production trolley that carries the boiler chassis along the line has an electronic tag that can be read at each manufacturing station as the trolley arrives. CoreRFID helped Vaillant Group by providing support in selecting the appropriate RFID technology for the application and the layout of the plant. The company also advised on the design of software so that the RFID readers and antenna would work correctly, solving the problem that Vaillant Group needed to deploy a number of the sensitive devices in close proximity to one another.

Richard Sainsbury, industrial engineering manager for Vaillant Group UK, said: 'The RFID system links directly to our production management system, providing immediate information where individual boilers are in the line. 'The RFID solution improves quality by ensuring that each boiler has exactly the right manufacturing steps carried out in the correct sequence,' he added.


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