ACI Bottle-Drying System Lowers Energy Consumption

Britvic has installed an LNL bottle-drying system from Air Control Industries (ACI) that is helping to minimise downtime and reduce energy consumption. This LNL features ACI's Jetplate plenum air delivery system. The system enables air to be delivered close to the bottles while simultaneously acting as guide rails to promote bottle stability during travel through the LNL.

The LNL is a completely enclosed stainless-steel unit with polycarbonate inspection windows. The blower unit is mounted on top of the bottle dryer enclosure to permit the use of adjustable mounting legs to facilitate installation and cleaning. This version of ACI's LNL with Jetplates is also able to handle all the different bottle sizes handled at the Leeds Britvic plant, from the 125ml size for mixers up to the 750ml bottle for J2O, without requiring adjustment.


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