Sherborne Launches Accustar Electronic Clinometer

Sherborne Sensors has launched the Accustar electronic clinometer, which is designed to provide precision angular measurements within applications where a high degree of accuracy is required. The design of the Accustar incorporates a capacitance-based sensor without moving parts. When rotated about its sensitive axis, this sensor provides a fundamentally linear variation in capacitance, which is electronically converted into high-precision angular data.

Available in choice of analogue, ratiometric, digital or serial models, the Accustar electric clinometer offers a +/-60deg measurement range, outputting a signal that corresponds to the direction and magnitude of angular displacement. The compact Accustar measures 2in (50mm) in diameter and weighs 2oz (60g), with units designed to operate in temperatures of -30C to +65C. The sensor and its associated low-power CMOS electronics are encased in a plastic housing.

With its durable design, the Accustar is suitable for a variety of applications, including off-highway vehicles, wheel alignment, construction equipment, antenna positioning and robotics applications, as well as other portable or mobile applications where space constraints or environmental concerns preclude the use of other types of precision angle measurement devices. All Accustar electronic clinometers are tested and calibrated at the factory prior to shipment and come with a two-year warranty.


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