Parker Releases Conversion Kits For CCV Solutions

The Racor division of Parker Hannifin has extended its range of crankcase-ventilation (CCV) solutions with new conversion kits and fittings. Two conversion kits are available, which enable a CCV8000 assembly to be converted to a CCV12000 model, improving the filtration of harmful exhaust gases at minimum cost. To simplify the installation of the latest CCV products, Parker has developed 90deg fitting adaptors, which allow hoses to be connected to the crankcase filter quickly and easily.

By installing one of the Parker Racor CCV55613-08 and CCV55613-10 conversion kits, users can increase the filter media of a CCV8000 system by 60 per cent, effectively turning it into a CCV12000 assembly. This makes it simple and affordable to achieve extra capacity in engines that are not easily accessible. Like all Parker Racor CCV systems, the kits are compact and durable, combining coalescence and crankcase-pressure control. The kits are easy to install, especially when used with Parker Racor 90deg fitting adaptors.

These components allow CCV assemblies to be installed in tighter applications, where using a straight barbed fitting may be difficult. Hoses can be routed vertically to the crankcase filter and, once in place, can be locked in any orientation. Added benefits include reduced oil consumption and extended service life for turbos and aftercoolers, minimising maintenance requirements and cutting operating costs for end users.


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