Dassault And BMW Link Research And Development

Dassault Systemes has signed a five-year global strategic agreement with BMW. Through this agreement, the companies will establish a close link between their research and development centres to improve the DS automotive product offering and the BMW development and production process. Dassault Systemes software solutions support BMW in core areas of design and manufacturing process planning, with Catia as the backbone for product development.

The necessity to reduce CO2 emission levels has forced automotive manufacturers to reshape their business processes to produce greener cars. Fully embracing the cause of leaving a minimum carbon footprint on the planet, the implementation of the DS solutions will help automakers conceive, analyse and simulate eco-friendly low-emission vehicles, such as the Project I, a Megacity vehicle, optimised for better performance and low energy consumption.

By consolidating design in a single PLM software platform, BMW can tap into proven design concepts and re-use them across all product lines, achieving time savings in the design and manufacture of new cars. The single platform enables all designers, including development partners in the supply chain, to collaborate, another factor in streamlining the design process.

Simulia realistic simulation solutions combined with Catia allow BMW to test their vehicle's real-world performance early in the development cycle, which helps improve product quality while reducing time and cost of physical testing. The agreement also defines a set of strategic projects where BMW will evaluate possible migration paths that ensure a smooth transition to Dassault Systemes' V6 PLM solutions.


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