Baumer Offers Robust Pressure And Level Sensors

Baumer has launched a portfolio of robust pressure and level sensors that are suitable for high vibrations as well as for use with aggressive media. For example, sensors made of seawater-resistant Hastelloy C and with a ceramic sensing element are available for desalination plants. Flush-mount versions are offered for sewage applications. The devices can be configured on PC via the Flexprogrammer 9701. Pressure and level measuring devices for water-treatment applications have to be extremely robust.

First, this concerns the materials used in instruments that are in contact with aggressive or corrosive media in applications such as desalination plants or sewage sludge processing. Second, the devices have to be highly resistant against vibrations, which are generated continuously - for example, in applications with volumetric pumps. Further challenges are the formation of foam, suspended solids, and condensation in tanks.

To meet these challenges, Baumer offers a portfolio of pressure and level sensors mounted in a stainless steel - or optionally Hastelloy C or Monel - housing. The sensors are available with a range of process connections and galvanically isolated output signals. They are said to be extremely resistant against shocks and vibration and feature high-temperature resistance, accuracy and long-term stability.

Products ideally suitable for applications in water-treatment plants include the submersible probe ED752 for hydrostatic depth measurement; the pressure transmitters of the modularly constructed PB series; the digital pressure switch TED; the level detection device Flexlevel Switch; and the ultrasonic sensors UNAR and UFAR. The measuring devices can be configured on-site in the application surrounding. Baumer also offers chemical seals made of Monel or Hastelloy C in order to separate pressure switches such as the TED50 from aggressive media.

This solution is already used in many reverse-osmosis processes used for desalting seawater. Due to its vibration resistance of 1.5mm (10-55 Hz) and 20g (55 Hz-2 KHz) according to the EN 60068-2-6 standard, the measuring device is also used in many other water-treatment processes such as ultra-filtration in urban wastewater-treatment plants.


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