Zytouch Supports Imotion Outdoor Digital Display

Zytronic has announced its 65in (1,651mm) Zytouch touchscreen supports the interactive capabilities of the Imotion range of advanced, high-definition outdoor digital displays. The Imotion all-weather outdoor screens, which have built-in audio and optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, present dynamic content with added value through features such as interactivity. The units are purpose designed for use in all locations, including demanding public outdoor environments such as ski resorts, marinas, golf clubs, amusement parks, filling stations and fairgrounds.

The large display is presented in a choice of portrait or landscape orientation, and in optional 65in or 46in sizes, to suit a range of communication needs. The system's creator, Infinitus of Slovenia, conceived Imotion to deliver the advantages of cutting-edge technology with complete reliability, drawing standards from the military and automotive industries to achieve its goal. The imposing steel and aluminium vandal-proof enclosure is more than 2m high for the largest 65in displays and features a proprietary heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) unit to maintain a stable operating environment for its high-tech integrated systems.

The display is protected by a double 6mm laminated glass PCT sensor featuring an anti-reflective coating to enhance readability for users. Imotion is optimised for easy network connectivity, with support for leading digital signage software and plug-and-play connection using industry-standard power and internet interfaces. Available in almost any form/factor ranging from 5 to 82in, PCT is unlike most other touch technologies, which typically require front-face active components, such as a resistive or conventional capacitive overlay.

The PCT sensor uses a grid of conductive 10-micron diameter copper capacitors arranged as an XY grid and embedded in a laminated panel, positioned behind or between layers of glass. The capacitors generate a field, which is sensitive enough to be altered by the proximity of a conductive object such as a finger. By measuring minute changes in the field, the touchscreen's controller can precisely determine the point of touch. The sensors have an inherently high light transmission, even without AR coating or optical bonding, and are immune from hazards such as scratching, dust, harsh cleaning fluids and extreme weather conditions. PCT touchscreens can also be sealed to IP67/NEMA4 levels to prevent ingress of moisture or particles.


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