WWEM 2010 To Deal With Water Monitoring

The organisers of the WWEM 2010 environmental-monitoring event have announced that this year's conference title will be 'Water monitoring in the 21st century'. The conference presentations will provide information on the latest regulations affecting process and effluent monitoring, with speakers from the Environment Agency, ABB, SIRA and UKAS. Taking place over two days (10-11 November) at the Telford International Centre, the Conference will be repeated on both days and chaired by British Water.

Speakers from the Environment Agency will provide an update on better regulation and the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR), and include the latest position on operator self-monitoring (OSM) and the role of MCERTS and Operator Monitoring Assessment (OMA) in supporting the move to OSM for industry and the water utilities. ABB will provide an instrumentation perspective to MCERTS and the self monitoring of effluent flow under EPR and OMA.

UKAS will provide an overview on how it interacts with regulators in the water industry and how regulatory requirements are interpreted with respect to ISO 17025 and UKAS accreditation. The presentation will include developments in the 21st century, with an emphasis on sampling. WWEM 2010 will also include a programme of more than 70 workshops and an international exhibition featuring the majority of the world's leading providers of test and monitoring instrumentation and services.


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