Wieland Introduces Three-Phase Power Supplies

Wieland Electric has added three-phase power supply units to its Wipos range. Mounted on the DIN rail in control cabinets, the Wipos P3 AC/DC converters have been designed for 10A-40A and are suitable for use worldwide due to their wide voltage input. Wipos P3 power supply units are designed to function under extreme ambient conditions, in temperatures ranging from -25C to 70C with 100 per cent output up to 60C.

The units offer Power Factor Correction for long hold-up time, compensation of voltage drops through adjustable output voltage, active monitoring with switching output and LED diagnosis for simple start-up. The units also provide a high degree of functional safety and a reduction in energy consumption. Wieland's P3 three-phase units can also function as two-phase devices and are connected via screw terminals either in series or, for increased performance, in parallel.

Wipos P3 converters are short-circuit proof and offer over-temperature protection with maximum reliability. The Wipos range complies with all relevant European guidelines and standards.


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