WEG Designs Slip-Ring Motor For Compressor Testing

WEG has supplied a 45-tonne, 14,000kW, 10,000V high-voltage slip-ring motor for the testing of large radial, axial and geared compressors at the Man Turbo Oberhausen plant. Designed and manufactured by WEG to customer specifications, the M-Line slip-ring motor has a robust design that enables it to provide reliable operation under severe test conditions. The motor has two conical shafts, allowing the connection of steam turbines or expanders to the second shaft end, raising its mechanical transfer rating to 20,000kW.

The largest motor ever built by WEG is a slip-ring machine, which is used in a wind tunnel for testing aircraft at high Mach numbers. This motor, a 27,000kW, 12-pole, 11kV machine, is 7m (l) x 5m (w) and weighs over 93 tonnes. The increased power required for its operation meant that it needed its own 132kV grid connection. WEG was able to provide a total solution based around this requirement, by supplying a 35MVA 11/132kV transformer with auto-tap changer. The Man Turbo motor is a force-cooled unit that is rated S1 - 100 per cent 14,000kW at F/F rise, from 1,500rpm down to 750rpm, and weighs 45 tonnes.

A slip-ring motor was specified by Man Turbo. Slip-ring motors are suitable for Man Turbo's test purposes, as they do not suffer from any torque pulsations in their drive train. The flexible M-range design enables the motor specification to be tightly tailored to specific customer specifications. The Man Turbo motor is designed with two conical shaft ends, to facilitate tests in excess of the normal capacity of the motor. In these tests, the second of the conical shafts is attached to a turbine or an additional motor to deliver the additional power, raising the mechanical transfer rating of this motor to 20,000kW.

Speed control of the motor is carried out by a liquid rheostat. This unit has two tanks for part- and full-load testing. The speed range is 0 to 1,500rpm, with normal operating in the 50 to 100 per cent range or 750 to 1,500rpm. Within this speed range the motor operates with constant torque. The testing procedure was successful, resulting in further purchases of WEG equipment, including motors and generators.


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