Website Details Magnetic And Stamping Products

Storch Magnetics has announced that its new website details solutions - from magnetic products to stamping-related ones - for the problems faced by metalworking companies. Storch's equipment can help stamping companies with one-minute die changes for lean manufacturing to the fast removal of scrap, chips and stamped parts along with magnetic chucks for fast part chucking for machining operations. 

The company offers material-handling products such as steel-hinge belt conveyors, magnetic-slide conveyors, scrap shakers, magnetic-die clamping, skate rails, lifts and sheet fanners, magnetic sweepers and magnetic products for lifting, holding, filtering, separating and automation. The Storch website also includes informative articles on different types of material-handling conveyors and their applications, along with information on all types of magnets and their applications. Many magnetic products can be ordered directly via the website through Storch's online magnet store.


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