Wachendorff Extends Warranty On WDG Encoders

Wachendorff Automation has extended its warranty from three to five years and increased the working temperature range of all WDG encoders to those used for military specifications. Wachendorff, represented exclusively in the UK by Variohm Eurosensor, saw the warranty expansion as a logical extension to the positive feedback and extremely favourable returns statistics from many satisfied users.

WDG products include incremental and absolute encoders, guided-belt measuring systems and draw-wire type linear-measurement encoders. In particular, WDG series encoders cover incremental shaft and hollow-shaft encoders, from 24 to 145mm in diameter with standard quadrature resolution up to 25,000 pulses per revolution. WDG series absolute encoders include single- and multi-turn variants, with up to 18-bit resolution and output options of SSI, CANopen and Profibus-DP in both optical and highly robust magnetic designs.

A choice of mounting styles includes synchro-flange, clamp ring and screw-flange mechanical interfacing. The decision to increase the standard temperature rating means the standard WDG encoder product line can operate in temperatures from -40C to +80C, with storage up to +100C. All Wachendorff WDG encoder products and systems are characterised by high reliability and resistance to vibration, with IP68-rated housings available for the toughest environments.

Application areas include cranes, lifts, road-marking machinery, and agricultural and construction vehicles. Variohm Eurosensor provides complete sales and technical support across the full range of Wachendorff products, with stock delivery available on many standard products and the ability to coordinate special custom encoder requirements with Wachendorff.


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