Virtualisation Technology For Experion System

Honeywell is providing virtualisation technology for its Experion process knowledge system (PKS). This technology can help manufacturers streamline Experion system management and lower the total cost of ownership by up to 30 per cent, according to the company. For many of today's manufacturers, the process control environment requires separate servers to support different applications. Virtualisation allows a single server to simultaneously run multiple operating systems and applications. It also insulates these operating systems from hardware changes. Honeywell claims that process manufacturers using this technology with Experion can improve server utilisation rates, reduce disruptive operating system and hardware changes and simplify overall system management. The company's range of virtualised offerings includes the Experion offline testing and development solution that can be used for training, simulation and engineering. It also includes the Experion suite of advanced alarm management solutions, which improves process safety and operator efficiency, and e-server solutions that provide web access to the system. All three products have been awarded VMware Ready status, which provides independent assurance that Honeywell has tested its software with VMware Vsphere. Manufacturing facilities use Experion to integrate plant subsystems - including process control, asset management and safety and security - to give operators a more comprehensive view of how their overall plants are functioning.


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