Versatile And Lightweight Triaxial Accelerometers

Kistler has brought out the Type 8766A miniature, lightweight triaxial accelerometers. These are suitable for structural analysis on small components or subsystems, full vehicle testing for aerospace and automotive applications and a range of general test structures. They feature the Piezostar shear element, which provides a wide operating frequency range and low sensitivity to temperature changes, combined with high immunity to base strain errors.

The new sensors combine Piezostar crystals and high-gain integral hybrid microelectronics to achieve low sensitivity variation over the operating temperature range compared with other sensing-element designs. The accelerometers use a welded titanium construction for low mass and an industry standard four-pin. Where lowest mass and highest frequency response are required, an M4.5 mini four-pin connector can be specified.

The accelerometers are available with ranges of 50, 250 and 500g in both base and high (165C) temperature versions. The Piezostar element has low sensitivity to temperature and the hermetically sealed titanium construction ensures long life. All variations are constructed for reliable measurements and long-term stability especially at higher operating temperatures.


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