Verderflex Exports Hose Pumps To Morocco

Verderflex has exported 30 of its VF hose pumps to Morocco. The models are said to reduce downtime, minimise maintenance costs and ensure the reliable pumping of abrasive, corrosive, viscous and high-density fluids. The pumps were ordered to fulfil an essential role in the refining of cobalt. Principally, the pumps are being used to transfer sulphuric acid and ammonia solutions from storage and dilution tanks to reactors and baths.

These solutions are used in electrolysis, a process whereby the cobalt is rinsed to eliminate impurities and separate it from other ore components such as nickel, iron and arsenic. Exact dosing of the sulphuric acid in accordance with the pH value of the mined cobalt is vital to ensure its purity and concentration. To achieve this, the capacity of the Verderflex pump is automatically adjusted by a frequency controller that is driven by a pH meter.

The VF pump is suitable for such an application as the absence of product slip in the hose gives a 100 per cent volumetric efficiency. Other Verderflex units are being employed as feed pumps for centrifuges at Morocco's cobalt mines. The process water that remains from the band filtration process results in a filter cake with residues. The fluids that are both acidic and abrasive are captured in collection basins. The VF peristaltic hose pumps feed centrifuges that remove fine powder from the process waste water.

The design features of the Verderflex VF pump makes it suitable for handling abrasive and highly corrosive products. The medium does not come into contact with any of the pump's rotating parts and is totally contained within a robust, heavy-duty hose, which consists of an inner layer, two to six reinforcement layers and an outer layer. Also, as the hose is the only wearing part, it can be rapidly exchanged to ensure minimum downtime.


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