Vector Network Analyser Offered As Four-Port Model

The high-end RandS ZVA67 vector network analyser from Rohde and Schwarz is now also available as a four-port model. The analyser features four test ports for measurements up to 67GHz. A high dynamic range (110dB at 67GHz) and output power (6dBm at 67GHz) give the RandS ZVA67 the flexibility and performance required for characterising components and modules in the microwave and millimetre-wave ranges. It allows users in research and development to determine the S parameters of multiport devices quickly and with high precision, according to the company. The analyser's four internal signal sources reduce test system complexity and the number of instruments required, such as for measuring frequency-converting DUTs, because no external signal generators are needed. The RandS ZVA67, with an architecture that includes four ports, four integrated signal sources and eight receivers, enables measurements on multiport devices such as mixers, couplers or balanced DUTs with just one instrument. With its high output power of 6dBm and wide power sweep range of more than 40dB, the RandS ZVA67 is able to characterise the small- and large-signal behaviours of active components. Linear and nonlinear measurements can be carried out using a simple test setup. This advantage becomes apparent, for example, when measuring the S parameters or intermodulation of mixers or amplifiers or when measuring the group delay and phase of upconverters or downconverters. Offering a frequency range up to 67GHz, the four-port RandS ZVA67 covers the band intended for the wireless transmission of multimedia data (wireless HDMI). Additional applications can be found in the aerospace and defence sectors, including measurements on inter-satellite communications systems and point-to-point communications systems. The analyser has a wide dynamic range of 110dB at 67GHz and is therefore suitable for material measurements or microwave imaging applications. Frequency converters from Rohde and Schwarz extend the frequency range of the four-port network analyser to beyond 325GHz. The RandS ZVA67 enables users to advance the development of materials and technologies into much higher frequency ranges.


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