UPS To Consult On Flowcath Fuel-Cell Integration

Acal Energy has appointed S UPSystems to consult on the commercial integration of the UK's first platinum-free cathode fuel cell. Acal Energy's Flowcath technology uses a liquid catalyst to replace the traditional platinum-based catalyst. The company will install a Flowcath fuel-cell demonstrator unit at Solvay Interox 's industrial site in Warrington, generating prime power for a remote environmental-monitoring system within the manufacturing plant. 

Acal Energy chose UPS Systems as the principal adviser on the commercial integration. In addition to consulting on the project, UPS Systems will also be supplying its monitoring system, Remo. Remo provides remote monitoring for most UPS and for all other types of generators. The system uses SMS or email to issue automatic notifications whenever there are mains-grid failures. 

The fuel-cell installation is the result of a collaborative partnership between Acal Energy, UPS Systems, Solvay Interox (in cooperation with Solvicore), Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, the Centre for Process Innovation, the University of Southampton and the Manufacturing Engineering Centre at Cardiff University. The building and installation work is due to commence in mid 2010.


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