TURCK Launches Ethernet Profibus Device Coupler

TURCK has introduced the PB-XEPI Ethernet Profibus Device Coupler, which combines integrated web-server software with diagnostic functionality. The coupler enables users to monitor Profibus networks remotely through a web browser, without disrupting network operations. The PB-XEPI may be integrated into new or existing Profibus networks in pharmaceutical, food-and-beverage and packaging applications.

Through an internet connection, users can employ the PB-XEPI to monitor and configure applications while maintaining network communications. The PB-XEPI can identify any malfunctions in the network and send an error message via e-mail that includes a link to the device, empowering users to directly access the interface. Users can then view detailed information about the malfunction and the recommended procedures to remedy it, as well as adjust monitoring and alarm settings. The PB-XEPI may be configured as an active node on the Profibus network using FDT/DTM software.

Additional software is available to increase the diagnostic functionality of the device, allowing it to perform more complex search functions. The device may also be configured as a Profibus Master Class II, which allows it to set up and configure a Profibus slave, such as Turck's BL20, BL Compact and Excom systems.


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