Tracking Module Optimises Production Planning

The Gemba Solutions Tracking Module is designed to enable manufacturers to keep track of their raw materials, WIP and finished goods. The module gives users a real-time view of the production process, allowing them to minimise WIP, optimise production planning and increase velocity. Gemba's Tracking Module is said to give users a precise knowledge of raw materials inventory, enabling them to minimise stock and validate replenishment times.

The company added that costs will be reduced and delivery schedules to clients will be assured using the module. The software will enable users to visualise part quantities/locations and streamline the supply chain process. It is also claimed to remove the need for paper-based systems, give users a real-time view of the status of the production process and allow them to redeploy staff to value-add roles.

By minimising the raw materials inventory, synchronising part-assembly deliveries, improving velocity and maintaining a balanced material flow, users can reduce work-in-progress to an absolute minimum.


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