Touch Screen Integrated At Drive-Through Kiosk

An interactive self-service kiosk that meets the demands of drive-through restaurant owners is now using a 32in (81cm) Zytouch touch screen from Zytronic. The Way2Order Drive-Thru kiosk, developed by Manufacturing Resources International (MRI), solves critical challenges surrounding drive-through self service - such as a slow ordering time and the accuracy of orders - by integrating the outdoor-usable Zytouch touch-screen technology, which can be operated with bare or gloved hands.

This ultra-durable sensor works with the large, high-brightness LCD and a dynamic user interface, whose software adjusts the position of the graphics, placing the restaurant menu right at drivers' fingertips whether they are sitting in a tall SUV or a low sports car. Available in almost any form/factor between 5in and 82in, and with a wide range of customisation options, Zytronic's patented PCT-based touch sensors comprise an overlapping array of 10-micron-diameter copper capacitors, arranged as an XY grid and embedded in a laminated panel, located behind or between layers of glass.

These micro-fine tracks are near invisible to the human eye and allow high light transmittance from the display mounted behind, maximising brightness and readability in all ambient lighting conditions. With its Z-axis sensitivity control, PCT technology is sensitive enough to detect touch through substantial thicknesses of cover glass. This feature has enabled MRI to add 6mm of tempered glass at the front of the Way2Order kiosk, for even further protection against any accidental or deliberate damage.

Unlike almost all other touch technologies, PCT sensors have no front-face-active components, which enable system integrators to seal touch displays to IP67/NEMA4 levels, and offer user interfaces that are resistant to scratching, temperature variation and surface contamination, including dust, dirt, rainwater or other substances such as food or cleaning liquids. In addition to this level of durability, PCT also delivers drift-free operation requiring no periodic recalibration.


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