Topswitch-JX Offers Good Light-Load Efficiency

Power Integrations has launched Topswitch-JX, an integrated family of 16 power conversion ICs incorporating a 725V power Mosfet for use in flyback power supplies. The Topswitch-JX multi-mode control algorithm is said to maximise power efficiency across the entire load range. High efficiency at full power minimises power wasted during normal operation and reduces the complexity and expense of thermal management on the system, according to Power Integrations.

At low power levels, high efficiency enables adapters with low no-load consumption and maximises power available to the system in standby mode for applications constrained by standards and regulatory controls. Good light-load efficiency and low power consumption in the no-load condition are facilitated by a multi-cycle modulation mode, which reduces the average switching frequency while minimising output ripple and audible noise. This is said to allow designs to meet stringent efficiency specifications, such as Energy Star and the EC EuP Ecodesign Directive, while maintaining a stable output voltage.

Standby power consumption below 100mW (for a 20mW load) at 264VAC is achieved using Topswitch-JX. Topswitch-JX is available in the new low-profile eDIPe package, which is optimised for good heat dissipation in slim-form-factor applications such as LCD monitors, televisions, and netbook/notebook adapters.

The device is also suitable for printers, PC and television standby, set-top boxes, and other consumer audio/video equipment requiring up to 177 W of power with a universal input voltage range. In addition to the thermally efficient eDIP package, the device is also available in PI's eSIP-7C heat-sink-mounted TO-220 replacement package. Safety features include over-temperature, over-current, over-power, line over-voltage, line under-voltage, and user-selectable latching/non-latching output over-voltage protection with fast AC reset.


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