Titrino Plus Raises Biogas Plant's Efficiency

The Metrohm 877 Biogas Titrino Plus is helping a biogas plant function at its most efficient by dosing substrates in amounts that are tailored to the fermentation process. For this purpose, the exact status of the fermentation in the digester must be known and documented over a long period of time. This is achieved by regular, in-house laboratory analyses of the FOS/TAC ratio.

The operator is provided with exact information of the biodegradation performance of the digester and therefore of the biogas production. Any interference with the process can be quickly identified and eliminated in a targeted manner. The plant is operated more efficiently and cost effectively. The Federal Agricultural Research Centre developed the FOS/TAC analysis from a titration test to determine the quotient of the acid concentration and the buffer capacity in the fermentation substrate.

The FOS/TAC ratio has long been recognised as a guide value for assessing fermentation processes. It enables process problems extending as far as the imminent inversion of the digester biology to be detected at an early stage, so that countermeasures can be initiated. The FOS/TAC ratio is determined either by manual titration or, more easily and quickly, with a titrator, for example the Metrohm 877 Biogas Titrino Plus. Relative to manual titration, this is more accurate and saves several minutes per sample.


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