Test Kit Assesses Grease Conditions In The Field

SKF has develop a complete grease test methodology to assess grease conditions in the field. For fresh and used grease, the test kit enables fast tests on consistency, oil bleeding and contamination analysis. These tests enable users to take immediate action, saving time and reducing samples required by the laboratory as part of a structured lubricant analysis plan.

The new portable TKGT 1 grease test kit is designed as a quick assessment tool for use throughout the engineering sector. The system uses a four-step process: collecting information, collecting samples, grease tests and reporting. No specialist training is required to perform the tests as full instructions are provided, complete with detailed test protocols and report templates. No harmful chemicals are required and only small samples of the grease are needed to perform the tests.

The SKF grease test kit can be used with fresh- or used-grease samples. For fresh grease, the kit can help establish the remaining operating life of the grease by assessing its mechanical properties. It can also test the quality of the grease and check for colour or consistency changes between grease batches. It helps to assess whether these inconsistencies are within acceptable limits. For used-grease samples, it can help assess the degradation status of the grease to identify necessary relubrication intervals, which can be adjusted to reflect real conditions.

It can test the physical changes of the grease, such as colour, and help to understand the root causes for these changes. The test can also support decision making on the appropriate grease for a certain application by helping the user to compare different greases. Despite 80 per cent of bearings being lubricated with grease, the majority of lubricant analysis techniques in the field have been traditionally limited to oils, according to the company. SKF has developed the TKGT 1 grease test kit and accompanying methodology, offering customers a new approach to in-field grease status assessment.


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