Teamcenter Software Aids Unox's Data Management

Unox has selected Siemens' Teamcenter software as its PLM system to help reduce time-to-market, enhance decision making, optimise resources and aid project control and process development. Unox produces professional ovens for the baking, pastry and gastronomy markets. By developing a PLM strategy, the Italian company plans to connect all product data, making it easier to access information and enhance cooperation among all involved parties.

Unox will use Teamcenter to enhance its product development, process engineering and engineering data management; and to consolidate existing legacy systems, including Pro/E software and ERP SAP software. Beyond easing data sharing within the group and with the suppliers, Teamcenter automatically acquires best-practice knowledge for future traceability, promoting innovation and efficiency.

'Based on our extensive evaluation, the PLM backbone based on Teamcenter can support separate product and management data in an easily accessible knowledge centre, which can be accessed across the company to enable everyone to make the most of different applications,' said Enrico Franzolin, president of Unox.


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