Taegutec Releases Range Of Face-Milling Cutters

Taegutec has released the Chaseplusquad range of face-milling cutters for heavy machining applications with a depth of cut up to 8.8mm. The new range of face mills has a 45deg entering angle that accommodates 16mm square double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges for rough machining. The product series consists of a range of cutter diameters with different pitches and mounting styles, making the Chaseplusquad suitable for a variety of applications.

The new series is available as a screw-clamp, wedge-clamp, cartridge-type or quick-change-type cutter that incorporates a system that gives the end user the option of using screw- or cartridge-type inserts on the same cutter body. The Chaseplusquad offers cutter diameters from 63mm to 400mm for medium- to large-component processing. Depending on the overall diameter, the cutters have the option of six to 58 insert pockets, with fine-pitch options delivering the ideal solution for high-feed and high-speed machining, according to the company.

The Chaseplusquad is available with a variety of Taegutec insert grades, including the TT9080, the TT7080, the TT7800, the TT8030, the TT9080, the TT6080, the TT6290 and the TT6030. This range of grades permits high-feed and high-speed machining with good surface finishes on a variety of materials, including low- and high-carbon steel, alloyed, tool and stainless steels and titanium alloys and cast-iron grades. This new addition to the Chaseplusquad line, with SNMHX 16 inserts, complements the existing SNMGX 12 inserts with 45deg and 75deg entering angles and the SNGX 13 inserts with 88deg and 90deg entering angles.


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