Steam Partnership Brings Benefits To Wilton Firms

Sembcorp will supply steam in varying pressures to the Sabic Olefins 6 'Cracker' plant in Wilton, after the companies signed a five-year contract. As well as providing a new customer for high-pressure (HP) steam from the new Sembcorp GBP36m gas turbine, the move also means that in unscheduled flaring situations, Sabic will be able to safely operate at a reduced rate without needing to bring the plant offline altogether, saving on the amount of product being flared.

The partnership deal comes at an important time for both companies, as they seek to minimise the impact of the closures of the Invista, Dow and Croda operations at Wilton in the past year. Covering the existing supply of intermediate pressure (IP) steam to Sabic, the five-year deal also includes provision for an additional 100 tonnes per hour of HP steam if required. The supply will be made via a connection from the new gas turbine into an existing steam pipeline to the Cracker.


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