Solidprofessor Updates Course Content

Solidprofessor unveils its latest additions to its 2010 series of on-demand Solidworks content with Routing 2010 and Simulation 2010. Solidprofessor's Routing course teaches how to create electrical, piping and tube routed systems in assemblies. It shows how to automate the process so that routed systems are incorporated into assemblies from the early stages of design.

The course also shows how to create custom routing components to add to the library, as well as how to fully document routes in 2D drawings with all the critical information, including bills of materials, harness reports, wiring summaries and more. Solidprofessor's Simulation course teaches the fundamentals of using Solidworks Simulation design validation software to analyse parts and assemblies before manufacturing.

Attendees will be able to test Solidworks models and predict how they will behave under various loads and conditions, to optimise designs before sending out for prototype. The simulation course covers everything from static analysis of parts and assemblies, to beam analysis, temperature loading and shrink fit. Step-by-step lessons will show how to use and apply all the tools needed to begin analysing designs. Both Routing and Simulation can be purchased as a standalone courses or as part of a subscription to Solidprofessor Premium.


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