Software Increases Machine-Tool Accuracy

Heidenhain has introduced Kinematicsopt software, which compensates for the effects of rotary table/swivel-head spatial error and for geometrical positioning and component error in machine axes. The developments are expected to have a significant impact on multi-axis machining applications - in particular, eliminating relatively long and complicated set-up times for complex, extended-cycle workpieces subjected to five-axis machining.

Using a Heidenhain touch probe, the new Kinematicsopt software will automatically measure a machine's rotary axes - whether rotary table, tilting table or swivel head - thus providing users with a quick, easy-to-use fixed cycle that will ensure machine positioning is consistently accurate. Regular use of the five-minute cycle will therefore provide users with an automatic route to check axis positioning and to adjust accordingly.

From the measured values, the Heidenhain TNC control system will calculate static tilting accuracy and the software will automatically minimise any resulting spatial error. At the end of the measurement process, the system will automatically store the appropriate machine geometry in the respective kinematics table or signal an alarm if the measured deviation is beyond a preset limit.


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