Softinway Offers Turbomachinery Training Courses

Softinway is offering a series of online turbomachinery training courses that allow engineers to enhance their expertise and consult industry specialists without leaving their offices. The first two online courses - entitled 'Axial Turbine' and 'Axial Compressor' - have already been scheduled. The aim of the online training is to familiarise engineers with the design, analysis and optimisation of turbomachinery flowpath through lectures, tutorials, practical exercises, the reviewing of home tasks and consultation with instructors. 

As a strong emphasis is placed on practice, on completion of the online training all participants will be able to perform such tasks as preliminary flowpath design, map generation, optimisation using Design of Experiment, profiling, 3D blade design and the analysis of an existing turbine/compressor. The programme includes 16 hours of study (two hours per day) as well as the time the attendees need to perform home tasks. All sessions are recorded, providing quick access to the course's contents. 

 This approach enables individuals to leverage their time to save precious working hours and allows companies to organise in-service education for employees, reducing travel expenses and boosting productivity. The courses are targeted at engineers involved in design and optimisation of axial/radial turbomachinery, technical managers responsible for product-range development and engineering students who want to accelerate the speed of learning and gain a solid educational background to succeed in their job search, according to Softinway. The online courses are a part of the company's educational programme, which also includes intensive onsite training for professional mechanical and aerospace engineers, introductory seminars and free one-hour webinars.


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