SMC Fieldbus System Speeds Machine Commissioning

SMC has developed the EX600 centralised fieldbus system to offer machine builders faster commissioning and modification processing. Reduced wiring eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly preparation of multi-core cabling, freeing up installation engineers' time and reducing direct and indirect labour costs. The EX600's modular design offers flexibility, with a wide range of digital and analogue input and output (I/O) options available.

As well as a standard valve manifold, a further nine I/O modules, in any configuration, can be added to the assembly. Each module can be further connected to a wide range of input and output devices such as flow and pressure sensors, flow and pressure switches, valves and auto-switches. A small manufacturer of medical equipment is currently using SMC's EX600 fieldbus system. By incorporating these fieldbus units into the machines it produces, SMC claims the company has seen commissioning and installation timescales cut by around a day, therefore cutting hotel accommodation expenditure for installation engineers.

Other features of the EX600 system include a self-diagnostic capability that provides short/open circuit detection at each input/output, an on/off counter facility and a parameter setting that can all be controlled and monitored from a hand-held terminal. With IP67 enclosure rating and Speedcon connectors, both the installation and wiring time for the EX600 is reduced accordingly. The EX600 system can be used with SMC's series SV, VQC and S0700 solenoid valves. It is also compatible with a wide range of protocols. Compatible protocols and available input and output modules will eventually be expanded further.


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