Siemens Helps Oil Refinery Reduce Gear Failures

Gearing from Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies have helped a UK oil refinery reduce failures and downtime on its high-speed gear units. The refinery produces petrol and other useable by-products every day and the crude oil coming in requires sophisticated handling systems, performance and reliability to ensure that production levels are maintained.

There are 26 Flender gear units serving several processes within the refinery, which have been in service for more than 30 years. Previously, reverse-engineered gearing was supplied by a third party, allowing the refinery to refurbish its gear units in house, but downtime was proving to be an increasing problem and efficiency needed to be improved. The company reverted to having new, original Flender gearing and associated parts supplied by Siemens Automation and Drive Technologies, in five different sizes to solve the issue. The first units were provided more than four years ago and, so far, no failures have been recorded.

Siemens is now also providing a full maintenance and support service, incorporating training, service and assistance with pump upgrades, partnership flexibility and stock supply. Due to the improvement in gear quality, a reduction in noise output has been achieved, which is another added benefit for the refinery, in addition to the reduced downtime, improved efficiencies and increased throughput.


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