SICK 3D Camera Has Stainless-Steel Housing

SICK has extended the 3D-imaging capabilities of its IVC-3D smart camera to harsh environments, such as the food and beverage industry, with the launch of the IVC-3D Stainless Steel. The robust IVC-3D Stainless Steel uses 3D imaging to ensure that high-speed production processes run smoothly, through precise shape and volume measurements, with instant evaluation and response.

This solution combines imaging, lighting and analysis in a single stainless-steel housing that has been rated to IP 67, making it suitable for use in hygienic processes. The IVC-3D Stainless Steel has also been Ecolab certified, ensuring resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The third dimension is created by triangulation and a 3D image is produced as the object moves under a laser bream.

The camera is easily configured via a PC, using the IVC Studio user interface. An emulator allows users to work offline and test applications on batches of stored images. Once the application is set up, the IVC smart cameras can operate as standalone devices or as part of a factory network - without the need for a PC. Powerful toolsets for image analysis and communication are said to make the IVC easy to interface with PLCs, robots and control systems.


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