Sensing, Positioning And ID Systems At Mach 2010

Balluff will demonstrate automatic tool identification (ID) systems with the use of a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-equipped tool pre-setter at the upcoming Mach 2010 event. The company, which will be found on Stand 5,302, will also highlight some of the benefits and cost savings that can be achieved by maximising tool life and providing the foundation for an automated tool room and reorder system.

Also on show will be Balluff's IO-Link system, which facilitates the expansion or simplification of Profibus networks. Users and OEM equipment builders can now achieve a higher level of flexibility and easier system modification for their networks at lower cost, according to the company. Balluff claims that customer benefits include simple installation, advanced diagnostics and low-cost standard three-core cabling, even for analogue applications.

Combining a vision capability and photoelectric sensor simplicity, Balluff's BVS vision-based sensor provides error proofing and quality inspection anywhere. Used like a sensor, it is said to be easier to use and more cost effective than complex vision systems. The latest versions include the BVS Vision advanced with 360deg part-rotation recognition, allowing infinite part-position recognition. All configured inspections are compensated for the parts rotation, minimising the need to tightly fixture parts and, hence, reducing setup costs.

The output logic functionality provides the ability to link tools or a combination of tools to any output, allowing inspections to be customised to a specific production situation. High-speed applications are possible with the new processor. Balluff will also solve sensing, positioning and ID problems in its Application Zone area. The company will be able to demonstrate solutions there and then in an area especially set up for a hands-on session. It can also arrange a factory site visit for further investigation.


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