Schroff Card-Lok Can Be Compressed From Both Ends

The Series 236 Card-Lok from Schroff incorporates a dual-thread design that allows the device to be compressed from both ends by turning a single screw. This means that it can be tightened or released twice as quickly as conventional PCB retainers, thereby helping to reduce installation time. The actuating screw head is recessed to save space and can be specified as slotted or with a choice of metric hex sockets (2 or 2.5mm).

Manufactured by Calmark, the Card-Lok features a lightweight five-segment aluminium construction using solid-frame extrusion for maximum rigidity and resistance to distortion under load. Enclosed stainless-steel retaining springs are used to maintain alignment of the segments during insertion. The PCB retainer is available with various finishes, including black anodised, electroless nickel and clear film.

Standard lengths range from 121.9 to 329.9mm and the device measures 5.84mm high, with a width expandable from 7.32 to 8.64mm. Primarily designed for use in systems that are subjected to high levels of vibration, the Series 236 Card-Lok is suitable for securing PCBs in demanding environments such as avionics, defence, transportation, and the oil and gas industries.


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