Schmitt Launches Balancing And AE Controller

Schmitt Europe is to launch the SB-5500 balancing and acoustic emission (AE) controller at Grindtec 2010 in Augsburg, Germany, on 17-20 March. The SB-5500 will be shown by the company's south German agent, IS Zubehor. It is the latest addition to the SBS line of dynamic grinding wheel balancing and AE monitoring products. The use of balancing and acoustic emission technologies is critical for machine tool manufacturers and end users who need to reduce costs by increasing throughput and improving product quality by optimising the grinding process.

The SB-5500 is an advanced balancer control platform appropriate for all grinding machines. It features a larger, high-resolution display, digital electronic design, enhanced communications options, four-channel capability and 24VDC or universal input AC power supply. Options also include basic AE analysis for gap and crash detection and enhanced acoustic emission analysis capability. This features frequency signature analysis and full integration of frequency data into any CNC program. The SB-5500 is a modular controller that can be supplied with one-to-four plug-in electronic cards, allowing multiple machines or devices to be monitored and controlled.

These plug-in electronic cards include: the SB-5512 internal or external balancers with cable connection; the SB-5518 Hydrokompenser fluid chamber balancers; the SB-5522 AE monitoring system (AEMS) gap-crash for grinding and dressing monitoring; the SB-5532 internal or external balancer with 'no cable' connection (non-contact balancers); and the SB-5543 manual balancer, allowing operators to position a mass on the flange to balance the grinding wheel.

The SB-5500 is compatible with all existing SBS balancers, AE sensors and cables, and features a colour TFT LCD display that can be fitted either as an attached display on the SB-5500 controller, a remote display panel for facial mounting, or as a virtual display to run on grinder CNC/PLC screens.

Other features of the SB-5500 include enhanced communication to grinding machine controls with the addition of Profibus, Ethernet and hardwire interfaces, an improved temperature operating range and DC power supply option (21-28VDV). In addition, a Chinese language feature is offered, complementing the existing English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian language user interfaces.


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