Sandvik To Show Conveyor Belts For Meat Processors

Sandvik Process Systems will highlight the benefits of its conveyor technology for meat-processing operations at this year's IFFA fair in Frankfurt on 8-13 May. According to the company, which will be found on Stand D72 in Hall 9.1, its stainless-steel belts are attracting increasing awareness as processors and original equipment manufacturers look to reduce the risk of problems caused by bacterial build-up.

Sandvik stainless-steel belts provide low levels of bacteria growth thanks to a combination of the inherent properties of stainless steel - inert, non-toxic and resistant to corrosive materials such as blood and fatty acids - and their flat, pre-welded, endless construction. This smooth, hard surface has two key benefits: first, there are no holes, textures or fibres in which bacteria can hide and grow; and, second, the belt is easy to clean, whether by heat, pressure, brushes, detergents, chemicals or any combination of these.

Krister Lundgren, the company's global product manager for this segment, said: 'Solid stainless steel is the obvious material to use in an environment in which hygiene and sanitation is critical. 'That why you find it in operating theatres as well as the food-and-drink industries.

'If you follow a carcass through processing, packing and storage, every stage will involve stainless-steel tools of one sort or another,' added Lundgren. The use of stainless-steel belts also results in a far fewer breakdowns - steel is inherently stronger than plastic - and a longer working life, delivering a better return on investment. According to Lundgren, by upgrading to this type of belt, the end user is reducing the risk of contamination.


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