Samtec Offers Cable-To-Board Interconnect Systems

Samtec's high-speed Edge Rate Twinax, Micro Coax and Direct-to-Lead coax cable assemblies incorporate the company's 0.8mm (0.0315in)-pitch Edge Rate terminals and sockets (ERM8/ERF8 Series). These are designed for superior signal integrity and impedance control and reduced broadside coupling. The result is a range of cable-to-board interconnect solutions that is suitable for high-speed and long-cable-run applications as well as for emulation testing (the ERF8 Series connector has been specified as the standard board-level interface by Nexus, and ARM).

All three systems feature friction latches that increase de-mating to 7lb (3kg). Edge Rate 34 AWG, 50ohm coax cable assemblies include the Micro Coax cable (ERCD Series) and the Direct-to-Lead coax cable (ERCDA Series), which is rated from 890MHz (1m) to 7.90GHz (6in) and is hot pluggable.

The Direct-to-Lead cable is also designed to optimise signal integrity with a patent-pending direct termination that eliminates the need for a printed circuit board. The Edge Rate 30 AWG 100ohm differential-pair Twinax cable (ERDP Series) is rated from 1.41GHz (1m) to 6.33GHz (6in) and is also hot pluggable. The Micro Coax and Twinax assemblies have an optional squeeze latch system that prevents unintentional de-mating.


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