Samtec Launches Powerstrip/10 Interconnect Range

Samtec has introduced the Powerstrip/10 range of power interconnect solutions. The new line features an ultra-small, space-saving design and dual leaf blade contacts capable of carrying 14A to 23A per contact at a +30C temperature rise (depending on the number of contacts powered). Powerstrip/10 socket and terminal strips (UPS/UPT Series) are available in vertical or right-angle orientations for co-planar and perpendicular applications with a choice of 7mm or 10mm standard stack heights.

The 0.150in (3.81mm) pitch system may be configured with two, four, six or eight power pins and offers a typical current-carrying capacity (CCC) of 21A per contact (rated at +80C with four gold-plated contacts powered). An optional locking clip for additional stability in rugged applications is also available.

Samtec's Powerstrip product line also includes systems with typical CCCs of 25A and 35A per contact (dependant on the temperature and number of contacts powered). Powerstrip/25 connectors on a 5mm (0.197in) pitch include power and power/signal combos, a hinged design for 90deg mating and a discrete wire cable system. Powerstrip/35 connectors on a 0.250in (6.35mm) pitch are available in power or power/signal combos. The price per contact varies by pin count and quantity; production quantities start at USD0.30 (GBP0.20) per pin.


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