S-2000AN Isolator Measures Small Magnetic Fields

Newport has introduced the S-2000AN Stabilizer Non-Magnetic Vibration Isolator. The S-2000AN is suitable for applications where the measurement of small magnetic fields would otherwise be impacted by traditional magnetic-steel isolators. It provides a 1Hz vertical-resonant frequency, a vertical-isolation efficiency of 98 per cent at 10Hz and a load capacity of 2000lb (907.2kg). It is suitable for isolating optical tables such as Newport's RPR-N tables or platforms, which support large vacuum chambers or other heavy instruments used in materials-research applications.

Newport has quantified the magnetic impact of the S-2000 Stabilizer isolators, allowing customers to understand their required level of performance and potentially save thousands of dollars in equipment costs. Warren Booth, product line manager at Newport, said: 'In extreme applications where it is essential that all magnetic materials be removed, the S-2000AN is the best choice due to its aluminium and 316 SS construction. 'In our tests, our AN version induced only a 1.2nT change in measured magnetic field over a distance of 0 - 2ft (0 - 609.6mm).

'This compares with more than a 35nT change for traditional magnetic-steel isolators. 'Our standard S-2000A induced a 4nT change in the measured magnetic field, which means for some "non-mag" applications, our standard S-2000A may provide sufficient magnetic immunity, allowing our customers to save nearly USD10,000 (GBP6,680) on isolation equipment compared with competitive offerings,' he added.

In addition to superior isolation performance and quantified magnetic impact, the S-2000AN features Newport's Safelock mounting clips, which secure the isolators to the bottom of any Newport optical table, improving the performance, stability and safety of the system. Available in several popular heights ranging from 16 - 28in, the new vibration isolator is equipped with precision pneumatic re-levelling valves and float-height indicators.


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