RS Launches Interactive Panel Building Centre

The RS Components Panel Building Centre is an interactive online resource that brings together all relevant products and services for a panel or machine-building project. At the heart of the new centre is an interactive virtual control panel that engineers can tour to see the huge range of products and brands available from RS.

By clicking on the glowing red circles, customers can view information on: power supplies, circuit protection, timers and relays, safety relays and controllers, PLCs and logic controllers, signal conditioning, isolation and barriers, DIN rail terminals, variable speed drives (inverters) and soft-starts, temperature and process controllers, HMIs and operator panels, panel meters, pushbuttons and indicators, isolators and fused disconnectors, enclosures and emergency-stop switches. Available brands include manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Bosch Pilz and Rockwell.

Tabs across the top of the site bring up information on the design, selection, purchasing, build and installation phases of a panel/machine building project and provide more information on the suite of services - including technical support, flexible pricing and scheduled orders - that RS offers to help customers at each of these stages.

The centre also features links to technology centres focusing on sensors, logic control, PLCs, networking, fluid management, temperature and servo control; and to other sections, including machine safety, Atex and hazardous areas, energy management and ingress protection. RS also offers fixings, cable and connectors together with the tools to complete the job. RS has the test and measurement equipment needed to test the panel and can calibrate customers' existing equipment.


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