Roemheld Mach Stand To Be Split Into Sectors

The Roemheld stand will be split into sectors at Mach 2010 to offer market-driven examples of how workholding can increase competitiveness and maximise existing investment. There will be sectors on automotive, aerospace, medical, energy and general manufacturing, plus a dedicated fixture builder area.

The emphasis of the Roemheld stand will be on 'increasing production efficiency through proven technology and innovation: ensuring that any investment is spent wisely'. Roemheld will also be supplying demonstration products.

On display at the exhibition will be Roemheld's five-axis vice range, which enables gripping on 3mm, reducing raw material costs. The Roemheld Zero Point systems will also be on show, offering rapid and repeatable changeovers. End users will also be able to see examples of the latest hydraulic fixturing and hydraulic elements.


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